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Seminarium sänds ifrån Haag - Arvet av Ålandslösningen

Ålands landskapsregering arrangerar i samarbete med Finlands utrikesministerium, samt Finlands och Sveriges ambassader i Haag, ett seminarium med anledning av firandet av Åland 100 år och till dess ära. Temat för seminariet är Ålandslösningen i ljuset av dess speciella status i internationell lag. Seminariet kommer att direktsändas på landskapsregeringens Youtube-kanal. Seminariet hålls på engelska.och äger rum tisdag den 5 april mellan 15.00 - 18.45.

Landskapsregeringen på Youtube

Om seminariet (engelska):

The Legacy of the Åland Islands Solution – seminar

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, together with the Government of the Åland Islands and the Finnish and Swedish Embassies in The Hague have a great pleasure to invite you to celebrate the centennial jubilee of the autonomous Åland Islands and take part in the celebratory seminar organized in its honour. In light of the special nature of the Åland Solution in international law, the Peace Palace offers a symbolic and memorable setting for the seminar.

The Åland solution provided answers to the issue of political decision-making and power sharing, the issue of security on Åland and the issue of protection of the identity, culture and language of the Swedish-speaking islands. The decisions by the League of Nations and the agreements of 1921 resolved the international aspects of the conflict and Finland implemented the agreed guarantees in its national legislation.

The Convention on the Non-fortification and Neutralisation of the Åland Islands was signed in 1921 by the British Empire, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Sweden

Observera att nedanstående tider är centraleuropeiska.

  • 14.00–14.15
    Opening of the seminar
    Ambassador Päivi Kaukoranta
    Ambassador Johannes Oljelund
  • 14.15–15.15
    Part I: The past, the Åland Islands Solution of 1921
    Judge Georg Nolte Some Observations regarding the 1921 Reports on the Aaland Islands Question
    Director,Dr. Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, Åland Islands Peace Institute Territorial autonomy as a problem and a resource for international law
  • 15.15–16.15
    Part II: Today
    H.E. Kairat Abdrakhmanov, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Åland Islands – a retrospective look at key takeaways of the solution 100 years later
    Director, Prof. Joshua Castellino, Minority Rights Group International Åland Islands Solution, bilateral peace treaties and their role in protecting kin minorities
  • 16.15–16.35
    Coffee break
  • 16.35–17.35
    Part III: The future
    President Tarja Halonen The future sustainability of the Åland Islands Solution
    Ambassador Marie Jacobsson, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden The legal sustainability of the Åland Islands Solution
  • 17.35–17.45
    Closing remarks
    Lantråd Veronica Thörnroos, Head of Government of the Åland Islands
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